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Copy of Out of Line

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Out of Line was an open studio space that corresponded to the exhibition Lines of Thought: Drawing from Michelangelo to Now From the British Museum. This traveling exhibition offered us an opportunity to feature our unique qualities as a museum connected to an art school,  and the space we created provided daily video prompts, demonstrations, collaborations, and other creative experiments to encourage visitors to use drawing as a tool to imagine, discover, and explore. The college’s drawing classrooms as well as RISD’s Edna Lawrence Nature Lab, an early 20th-century cabinet of curiosities, served as inspiration in making a space in which the art-school methods and pedagogy could be made public.

Taking the form of a studio space with interactive wunderkammer elements, Out of Line incorporated plaster casts, geometric models, and natural-history specimens in which visitors could handle and use to create personal drawings.

In addition to making a range of specimens and examples  available for use, a bilingual video series served as an entry point for visitors to approach historical and contemporary drawing processes. These simple video montages gave welcoming visual  instruction in both English and Spanish. Made in collaboration with RISD students and local artists, the videos presented a playful entry-point for visitors through vivid and absurdist montage. Offered several models of engagement, visitors were able to gain confidence to use drawing as a tool of discovery, regardless of prior personal experience. Two local artists also facilitated use of the space during museum hours, working with individuals and groups.


Stephen Wing (exhibition design), Brendan Campbell (exhibition & graphic design), Jeremy Radtke (exhibition design & video creative direction), Derek Schusterbauer (exhibition & graphic design), Rocio Delaloye (art direction & video production), Cara Buzzell (animation)